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I am very sorry not responding you quite efficiently on your previous e-mail. But I am sure that you will give us margin when I tell the situation that we are facing here. The government seems to have gone crazy. It seems that people in power want to see nobody with independent thinking. The political opposition has just been cornered. Judiciary, courts and judges seem personal servants of Prime Minster. The NGOs that have been raising voice of Human Rights issues are under continuous and sever attack of government.

Najam Sethi, a renowned journalist was kidnapped by agencies two weeks ago. He is in the possession of AGENCIES. For giving lecture on the situation in Pakistan charges of treason have been put against him…The government has passed an ordinance according to which any person or organisation if publishes a material or speaks against the Ideology of Pakistan or against the National interest or evoke people against government’s doing will be treated as TERRORIST.

2000 NGOs have been dissolved by Punjab Government. The NGOs dissolved were non-existent in fact. However the state control Media is saying that these NGOs were working against Ideology Pakistan and against National Interest. Through T.V and Newspapers the government is poisoning to common people against NGOs. The result is that suspicions against NGOs have been roused. If the situation continues, none of the NGOs working on the Human Rights Agenda will be able to continue its work.

The Minister for Social Welfare told that 41 NGOs are involved in intestate activities and they are working against National Interest. You can imagine who these organisation are. All the organisation working on Human Rights Agenda, women’s issues, child labour and child rights etc. The Minister announced that in a couple of days the government is going to unmask those NGOs who are agents of RAW, Israel, CIA, FIA, KGB, ABC etc. People from Military Intelligence, IB, ISI, Special Branch are frequently visiting our offices.

The questions that they asked (us) during their last visit were very philosophical. Some of the questions are as following: (The questions were in written form. we were supposed to write the answer.)

1. What do you think of Human Rights? 2. Should the Police be provided further training? (For what) 3. What are your comments on 295-C? (Blasphemy law) 4. What government should do for the betterment of children? (ha ha ha) 5. What do you think of AHMEDIS? (a sect of Muslims that have been declared non-muslim) 6. Should the HUDOOD law not be applicable to non-Muslims? (Hudood: involved in sexual activity, no matter with or without consent) 7. Should the MAZAHBI DESHAT GARDI (religious terrorism) be stopped? 8. What do you think of JEHAD (War for God) in Kashmir and Afghanistan? 9. What do you think of entering the religion of a person in ID card and Passport? and many more GREAT question.

Our telephones are being recorded and E-mail being scanned. Each and every activity that we do is monitored closely. In a couple of days a legislation is expected to control and limit the NGOs work. It is believed that any time they will attack on the NGOs, on their target list, takeover them and freeze their accounts. Accounts of one such organisation have already been freezed. If we are charged for treason, we shall have to be behind bars also. Therefore we are also thinking to get the Bail Before Arrest.

Do you remember I told you about our visit to India. Every thing was ready but at the nick of time we were advised by our friends not to go India in this situation as any body who goes there in these days will have to suffer for long period. So we had no option but to cancel the programme. We had programme to find out some NGOs working on children’s issues in India and start children’s exchange programme. But…

In the current situation please do not send us e-mail on its regular address.

See you again soon.

A friend From Pakistan

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