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VHP, India's Hindu Nazi Outfit Liquidating the Minorities


July 14, 2000
Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights
United Nations

Re: VHP, India's Hindu Nazi Outfit Liquidating the Minorities

Dear Sir:

We learn that the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) has applied for consultative status with the Economic & Social Council of the United Nations. It is a chilling thought that it dared apply, and that, were it not for Pakistan, its application would have blithely sailed through.

VHP, since its inception, has contravened and trashed every objective of the United Nations Charter. Along with its ideological kin Shiv Sena (SS), Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), Bajrang Dal (BD), Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP), Hindu Jagaran Manch (HJM), Hindu Sanskriti Manch (HSM), and many more overt and covert formations, VHP has been engaged in anti-national, anti-social, anti-human crimes in the length and breadth of India. It has declared its intent to cleanse India of "foreigners", i.e. the minorities, viz., Christians, Muslims, and the tribal aborigines - the oppressed and deprived classes seeking to better their lot through education and enlightenment. It has bloodily quashed all attempts on their part to emancipate themselves, and continued its unremitting and unrelenting vendetta against them for having dared to claim a place under the Indian sun.

It has declared the murderers of Christians, Muslims, and aboriginals, "nationalists" and "patriots". It has sown terror and violence on an unprecedented scale throughout India and in the Indian diaspora. It has encouraged and instigated, arson, rape, trashing and demolition of churches and mosques, and cold blooded murders of the minorities " to teach them a lesson". It has sown disaffection among Indian people and spread hatred and bigotry in the name of Hindu religion, spouted venom against other religions, and avowedly resorted to low intensity genocide to eliminate the minorities from the Indian soil. It has defied court orders, and vowed to defy them in the future too. It was instrumental in having a 15th century historical mosque in Ayodhya razed in 1992. It has on anvil plans to raze 3500 mosques in the days ahead.

Its heap of crimes by way of aiding, abetting, and absolving mayhem against the minorities is well and widely known all over India. It has posed a serious threat to Indian democracy, secularism, and unity, statutorily guaranteed by the Indian Constitution and sanctioned by the age-old humane praxis of tolerance of diversity and embrace of plurality throughout Indian history. It incarnates the fundamentalist terror of Afghanistan's Talibans, the Hindu variant, and poses a violent threat to the whole sub-continent.

Its effrontery in approaching the ECOSOC for consultative status, as an NGO, is breathtaking. But it is understandable in that its partner in crimes against Indian minorities, the BJP, now heads a coalition of 28 parties ruling India today. It is to squelch its neo-Hindu tyranny and ethnic terrorism that Indians are now nationally astir. Let this medieval horror be not honored by the UN and its organ the Economic and Social Council. Its application for membership in the E&SC must be rejected ouright.



Co-Founder: Coalition for an Egalitarian and Plural India, USA
Member of International South Asian Forum (INSAF)

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