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Conference Programme

October 18, Friday

6:00 pm Registration and refreshment
7:00 pm Welcome by President of CERAS
ntroductory remarks: CIDA official
Guest speaker: Farhad Mazhar Bangladesh: "25 years since Independence"
Guest speaker: Ranabir Samaddar "India-Bangladesh Relationship"

October 19, Saturday

10:00 am Movement for Land, Forest and Cultural Rights of Indegenous People
Panel: Devasish Roy, Michael Soren
11:30 am Workshops
1. Problems of Refugees
Resource persons: DavidChalkSamin Ahmed, Ayesha Parveen

2. Shrimp farming and sustainable development
Resource persons: Khushi Kabir, Elizabeth May

3. Cultural and Political Rights of Indegenous People
Resource persons: Aditya Dewan, Philip Gain

1:30 pm Lunch
3:00 pm Struggle for food and work
Panel: Shamsul Huda, Manzurul Ahsan Khan, Bara MBengue

Poster and Photo display

October 20, Sunday

10:00 am Democratic Rights of Women
Panel: Khushi Kabir, Shelly Feldman, Sultana Kamal
11:30 am Workshops
1. Reproductive Rights of Women
Resource persons: Farida Akhtar

2. Political participation
Resource persons: SadekaHalim

3. Violence against women
Resource persons: Lee Lakeman Khushi Kabir

1:30 pm Lunch
3:00 pm Plenary

- Report from workshops
- Messages of Solidarity
- Declaration
- Concluding remarks

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