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Ceras Newsletter 11  
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50 Years of Independence: Pakistan and India attained independence on the midnight of August 14, 1947, after more than two centuries of British colonial rule. The year 1997 marks the fiftieth anniversary of this major event.

Covert Trials, Overt violations: The Case Against Quinacrine Method of Sterilization Most people, even in countries where Quinacrine sterilization has been done on thousands and thousands of women do not know that these experiments are literally occurring in the bustees in their backyard. Covert clinical trials of Quinacrine chemical sterilization are being conducted in virtually all South Asian countries, namely, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal.

Recent Elections and Future of Democracy in Pakistan: The fifty years of Pakistan's existence have meant a constant struggle for the institution of democracy in the country. Continuous political chaos and successive martial law regimes have successfully hindered the evolution of democratic or civil tradition. The election of Zulfiqar Bhutto was seen as deliverance from Ayub Khan's long dictatorship. However, the hopes of millions failed, as Bhutto, was removed after a military coup and subsequently hanged.

Indian NGOs Confront Bank President: Indian NGOs angered by the role that the World Bank has played in India confronted Bank President James Wolfensohn during his trip there in October.

People's Forum for Peace and Democracy: The third annual convention of the Pakistan-India Peoples Forum for Peace and Democracy was held in Calcutta on December 28-31, 1996. Daya Varma attended the convention on behalf of CERAS. We have supported this important initiative since its inception three years ago when its first convention was held in New Delhi.

No New Dawn, But A Parting Of Some Clouds: "These elections may not have ushered in a new dawn, but they have cleared away a few clouds. They have given new hope," said Mohammad Qadeer, director of the School of Urban and Regional Planning, Queen's University.

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