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Ceras Newsletter 14  
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Violence Against Christians
Violence Against Christian Minority in India: It is evident that the Prime Minister is not interested in holding the VHP, Bajrang Dal and allied organisations responsible for these incidents. Clearly, his own ideological position is no different from these organisations.

Education and Hindutva: The ideology of communalism relies heavily upon the presentation of a distorted version of history to legitimise its claims. This falsified, mytholigised history is used as a basis for political mobilisation - a 'model' of the past is used as the basis for future action.

Bus to Pakistan: Another surprise for me was that poverty in Pakistan is nowhere of the same magnitude as in India. Our politicians have often boasted that the Pakistani economy is in much worse shape than India's. Obviously they are measuring something other than the poverty line.

Vinod Mishra (1947-1998)
Loss of a Friend
India of My Dreams:
"In India of my dreams, every town will have its cafeterias where intellectuals shall have hot discussions over cups of cold coffee. There some anguished soul can gaze through the plumes of rising smoke conjuring up images of their heart-throbs while many insatiable hearts can be captivated by the interpretations of varied works of art and literature."

Bangladesh Police Unearth Murder Plot
Press Release

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