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People of India
Fascism's Backdoor Tactics: The massacre of Dalits in Bihar, of Christians in Gujrat and Orissa, of Muslims almost everywhere in the country is a reflection of the ascendancy of the forces of revivalism and fundamentalism.

Right to Be Rushdie: What is really disturbing is the fact that on the question of Rushdie, even many of the otherwise sober-minded and rational Muslims seek the safety of silence, or tie themselves up in knots when they choose to, or are asked to, take a stand.

Freedom of Press Under Attack: Why don't they file cases of tax evasion against Nawaz Sharif, since the Prime Minister paid only Rupees 477 in taxes last year? Senator Saif paid zero income tax. Others, like human rights activist and former editor of The Frontier Post Aziz Siddiqui said, "If the Jang Group is in tax default, the obvious question is, why was that not left to be sorted out in the normal way?"

Music and the South Asian Identity: The Hindustani Classical music is something that still unites people in the way no other expression of 'high culture' does. It is perhaps the most forceful statement of what is popularly called the composite culture of the Indian subcontinent.

People of India: an Eye-Opening Introduction: This project has given real teeth to the political truth of unity in diversity that we talk so much about. And in the precise manner in which it has defined and given content to this truth it has also challenged every dogma that the Sangh Parivar has been propagating for so long.

Pakistan Peace Coalition

North American Conference for Peace and Human Rights in South Asia (Montreal, Sept. 4-5, 1999)

VHP Reviving "Sati"
Christian Headcount in Gujarat
Last CERAS Annual General Meeting

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